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There is so much we would like to say about this room but simply cannot, we wanna shout from the roof tops what it was that made us love this room so much... you simply must go and play Burlesque

Escape Room Hunters review Burlesque

Best rooms I've ever done! Every time I do a room elsewhere I just come out missing these ones!

The new Clockworks room is 10/10. My favourite out of all the rooms, loved it!

I have done 4 escape rooms now in Melbourne and this was by far the best! The customer service experience was excellent, the room was done to such a quality and high standard. It was a very enjoyable and fun experience

I love the Amnesia and Burlesque rooms, but the new Clockworks room is the best yet! Really had to think outside of the box.

So much fun. A perfect birthday present. Would recommend highly.

The best escape room in Melbourne! We had an unbelievable time. So much thought into all the puzzles and of course so much fun!

This was the third escape room I have tried. WOW WOW WOW. The room is amazing and the experience was totally immersive. Definitely going back to do other rooms here. Staff were amazing!!

We're still laughing a week later about the *** in Amnesia. So impressed with the intricate details of the experience and the range of challenges involved. There's something for everyone in this activity!

The Burlesque room is, in my opinion, the best escape room in Melbourne. The room has several very unique aspects and puzzles which are very "out of the square". Essential for any escape room lover to do this room!

First time exp here and it was freaken awesome! Well thought out puzzles, game designs and mind blowing discoveries, easy to get stuck but the host are always there to help. Setting/theme/audio were done really well and immersed me into the game.

My first escape room i'v ever done! and boy did I love it!! My partner and I went in not knowing what to expect and at the beginning we needed a few hints, as we went on we got the hang of it. We've just booked in to do another room later today and cant wait. Thanks for the fantastic service and amazing experience!! i'm hooked now

My team and I had done around 20 escape rooms before the Burlesque room at EscapeXperience. Since Burlesque, we have completed probably another 20, across multiple countries. With that said, this is our absolute favourite escape room we have ever done to date. The experience is unbelievably immersive, the props/decor are high quality, completely realistic, and cohesive… the way the story unfolds and the level of immersion and creativity you experience is unmatched - we have never felt as mind blown in any other escape experience.

I have done 10 escape rooms and this was one of the best ones by far. Completed the Burlesque room with 2 other people and it was worth every second. The props were spectacular and you could see that a lot of effort was put into the room. Puzzles were very well done and complex yet very logical and they all fit in with the plot of the room. Also, the staff were very friendly and helpful which added to the experience. Definitely recommended for anyone who’s looking for an escape room. This is the place to be...

Just did the Burlesque room and it was absolutely incredible. The room was set up perfectly making it felt so real that I found myself forgetting that we were in an escape room! I would definitely reccomend to anyone who loves a challenge!

Talk about a combination of fun and challenging yourself at the same time; EscapeXperience tick all the boxes when it came to methodically solving each problem within the Amnesia room.

This was my first experience doing an escape room and I am officially hooked, I can't wait to try them all at EscapeXperience! The Clockworks escape was awesome

Went for a work function and we had an amazing time. Did the amnesia room and can't wait to go back and try the other one!!

The new Clockworks escape room is epic!

Great experience! My girlfriend and I are avid escape room goers and the burlesque room was the most elaborate story driven room a group of people can find in Melbourne. Its intricate puzzles require teamwork and a careful understanding of the story around you; even our first-time escapee friend was bedazzled by all the surprises that the room offered. We will definitely be recommending and returning for the next room as we are excited to uncover more mysteries.

Clockworks wow amazing!!

We did the Amnesia room and loved it. The puzzles were clever, unique and challenging without being too difficult. We have done quite a few rooms across Melbourne and the puzzles in this room were my favourite by far due to the level of thoughtful construction while maintaining an intriguing storyline

This is the 6th escape room I've done and it was absolutely fantastic. We did the Burlesque room and the atmosphere was brilliant. There was contraptions and puzzles that I had never seen before and my adrenaline was pumping way after we got out of the room. Definitely a top notch escape experience!!!

First time doing an escape room, it was extremely fun! Overall great experience, felt like a kid opening Christmas presents when we finally solved all the puzzles and got out the room! Would recommend to anyone, A+++

We all are left in complete awe, we never thought that we would enjoy it so much. And a big thank you to the EscapeXperience team for guiding us through our first escape room, making us create a memory to cherish forever

Brilliant. Clever. Challenging. Fun. Totally exceeded expectations!

We did the Amnesia room and really loved it. So clever and stacks of different, interesting puzzles to solve. Very challenging and fun! Highly recommend!

Incredible, so immersive and challenging, yet so rewarding each time a puzzle is solved. An amazing adventure that will leave you wanting more!